Sunday, May 16, 2010

Drayben's Choir Concert

Can't tell in this picture, but Drayben in on the
top row, second from the left. I can't believe he
sang all the songs! I've never really herd him sing
before. He did awesome!!!

Busy night! Drayben's concert was 45 minutes
after Carter's recital got over. It was neat getting
to watch both of them do something they had
never done before.

Carter's 1st Piano Recital

Carter did GREAT!
He played "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"
Variation A.

It was cute, he got nervous before the recital,
but when it got to his turn he announced his
name and what song he was playing, played
his song perfect, and took a bow. He seemed
like a pro!

Carter and Sam right after the recital.

Safety Day

Carter's School had Safety Day after school.
They got to check out safety vehicles and talk
to police and firefighters.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Sunday

We did a Easter Egg Hunt for the kids in
the backyard that was a lot of fun. Carter,
Sam and Drayben had a good time with all
6 of their cousins.

Barbecued hamburgers and hotdogs for
Easter lunch was perfect!

It was nice having both sides of the family
over for the afternoon.

Art Festival Weekend

They didn't want to look at art!
They just wanted to play in the water
and go buy fresh popped kettle corn. Yum!
Great weather for the Art Festival!

Easter Egg Hunt in the Park

You have to learn to be fast at these city park
hunts or you don't get much. The boys had fun.
As you can tell Sammy was doing a little better
then Carter. Faster big brother faster!

The boys were excited that their cousins
Madi, Kenna and Jackson were down visiting
for the weekend and came with them.

The most funny and craziest thing took place
after the kids got done with their hunt. The city
did a adult one, I just watched and laughed,
I wouldn't doubt if somebody got hurt. Talk
about dog piles. Funny idea, but dangerous!

Baseball Time!!!

Just got done winning their first game
of the season. Drayben was so excited!

He is on a traveling team that plays tournaments
here in our home town and in other cities.

This tournament they won 2 out of 4 games
and if they had won just 1 more they would
have got to go to Mesquite and play for the
championship that night. Next time!

Drayben did awesome!

Roasting Marshmallows

Roasting Marshmallows
Carter loves his big brother Drayben more than his parents. So Cool.....

Smooth Operator (Carter)

Smooth Operator (Carter)
Working the camera

Angie and Carter

Angie and Carter