Friday, May 22, 2009

Lunch date with mom

They just noticed the waterfall, dead pirate with
a sword stuck in him and a treasure box filled
with gold! Before we left the fake cannons from 
the pirate ship started going off with noise and 
smoke. It scared the pants of Sam, he started
crying and luckily we were just leaving.
Just happy, waiting patiently for his pizza.
Before this they had a blast using up all
their tokens in the arcade and with the
tickets, getting a few prizes.

What a tough guy!

Nothing like some chocolate and vanilla
frozen yogurt with sprinkles after lunch.

It must be yummy! They finished it
down to the last bite.


What a perfect day!


Amanda said...

I love it! You guys are so cute! What an awesome Mom you are! Will you be my Mom?

Laura Lately said...

Oh fun! I need to check out this Pirate Island. It looks like a blast! I'll have to take Eric there one of these days :)

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