Thursday, May 21, 2009

Warning, stay away from patio umbrella's in the wind!

This is a picture we got before we left for
the E.R. We had to cut off the sunglasses
he was wearing, because they were attached
to his face.

This is right after we got home from the E.R.
A 25-30 lb. rod iron base of a umbrella stand
got lifted up by the wind and smacked Chris 
right in the eye, he luckily had the sunglasses on,
if not he probably would of lost an eye. We are
also very blessed that no kids got hurt.

This is 2 days later! I'm so glad Chris is ok, 
but we have learned a very big lesson from
all of this. 


Amanda said...

Wow Angie! That is so bad! Glad he is okay.

Jeremy said...

Holy crap! I'm glad Chris is ok. Honestly... how long can Chris go without injury??? I think you guys need to create more excitement in your lives so he can quit turning to the ER so often! : )

T.K. said...

This is DISGUSTING and an ouchie at that!!!

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